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While the Christmas season is a great time for many, it’s very hard for some.

More than a few, unfortunately.

It’s a time when people are saddened because of missing or estranged loved ones, financial pressures, or unkept promises.

It’s the season to keep up the appearance that all is well, until the well runs dry and the walls cave in.

It’s the season of Christmas Grief.

It’s imperative that you and I watch and listen to those around us who may be crying out for help; trying to let someone know how much they’re hurting.

Maybe they are quieter than normal, or perhaps easily angered. 

They may laugh more often and louder, in an attempt to cover the pain that’s eating them alive.

Pay attention, watch, listen, and don’t be afraid to ask, “Are you REALLY okay?”

This little version of Deck The Halls wasn’t written to get a…

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